How to Avoid SEO Mistakes Using Proven Keyword Strategies

When you are using SEO techniques to optimize your website to get traffic, it is crucial to use the right keywords. You want to rank high in the search engines for the keywords that will give you the most traffic. Listed below you will find the things you need to avoid using that will not get you found by the search engines, instead, it will keep you from ranking high and turning the thousands of visitors you receive each month into real customers. Check out these tips from our friends at

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the overuse of keywords that identify your product or service, in web pages and articles. tossing the keywords into places where they don’t make sense, such as in the title, meta tags, or alt image tags. Just because your product can be sold does not mean you can stuff your website full of keywords. There are penalties for keyword stuffing and your website will be likely banned by the search engines.

Duplicate Content

Make sure you have fresh unique content on your website. If the search engines are sending people to your website and they find the same content on other’s website, there is a chance that they will ban your website. It is imperative that you write your own articles and properly use search engine optimization to get traffic to your website. You want to use the keywords and LSI (latent semantic indexing) to make your website stand out from others. Your content should be written in a way that makes sense to your human visitors and the search engine bots that crawl your website and determine your search position.

Use a Robots.txt File

A Robots.txt file is a file that tells the search engines what to do when they crawl your website. If you do not want the search engines to index a certain page, do not allow it to be crawled. It is usually quite simple to block a page from the crawlers. You can block specific crawlers with a robots.txt file. A robots.txt file is kept in your root folder and has to be named robots.txt. There are many Second Life robots that are available to give you some lonely grotesque company. Be sure to have this file in your root folder.

Choose the Right Keywords

When people look for things on the internet, they type in words or phrases that relate to the item they are searching for. That is called keyword or keyphrase. If you want your website to be found these words or phrases must be used on your website. athletic shoe salesmen, weight loss programs for women, get fast results, what is the best way to increase my backlinks?

Finding the right keywords is not as easy as you might think. Keywords have to be relevant to what your website is about. You have to do a lot of research to find the right keywords and then combine that keyword list to come up with one or a few of your own. From there, these keywords should be used in the header, the main page, and about 15 to 20 times on the website.

In SEO, if you use the same keyword too many times, the search engines will consider it too manipulative. This can get your website to be penalized and even dropped and banned from the search results.

Use of H1 and H2 Tags

When formatting your website, whether it is a blog or website, you should consider using H1 and H2 tags. The H1 and H2 tags are what search engine bots look at when they are determining what the website is about. In addition to this, using the right keywords in your header and Weekly postings will help you to get noticed by search engine bots. The H1 tag is usually used for the main title and is shown up in search engine results. It is best to use H1 tags for the main titles of all your webpages. H2 tags are also great for adding secondary keywords for webpages that are related to your main keyword. For example, you could have webpages on your website about how to get rid of fleas, how to store them properly, etc.

Search Engine Submission

Should you try to submit your website to the search engines yourself, you will be facing several problems. Besides the fact that it takes time for finding your website after search engine submission, once your website has been indexed, it is difficult to make improvements. If you want to submit your website to the major search engines, you should look for a company that specializes in search engine submissions.

Before you settle for a particular company, ask for a portfolio of their website SEO services. If they have good rankings in the search engines and present a pleasing picture, you can be sure that your website will have better chances of getting good traffic.

Link Building

A significant factor in canning the effectiveness of your website is the number of quality links that can be estimated from quality websites pointing to your website.

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